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" The 5 Reasons Why You Can't End Emotional Eating And How To Fix It Fast

Does this sound familiar?
You want to lose weight...
You start a new diet...
It works for a while but...

Your cravings are too strong...
You are constantly triggered by food...
You give in and you can't seem to be able to stop...
You overeat and you are back in the binge cycle...
You gain the weight back...
You feel awful, ashamed and go back to dieting!

In this guide I will teach you the 5 main reasons why you haven't managed to end emotional eating and how you can FIX IT NOW!



I have been on a restrict-binge rollercoaster for over 15 years.
I tried to lose weight and went on a diet. 
For 15 years i would lose the weight but then after a few weeks gain it all back
I ate because i was hungry, sad, lonely, alone, stressed out, anxious, bored...
I was emotionally eating without understanding where was the problem.

I never made the connection between emotions and food.
I never understood that my negative mindset was leading to overeating.

For the past 10 years, i have been free from dieting but also ftee from emotional eating.
I have finally found FOOD FREEDOM!


Download The Free Guide!
" The 5 Reasons Why You Can't End Emotional Eating And How To Fix It!

Does this sound familiar?
You start out with eating the good foods...
You feel hungry all the time but feel determined to push through
Your cravings are too strong...
You have negative feelings coming up you can't manage...
You eat your comfort foods and you can't stop...
You gain the weight back...
You feel awful, ashamed and go back to dieting!

In this guide I will teach you the 5 main reasons why you haven't managed to end emotional eating and how you can FIX IT NOW!
In this guide I will teach you the 5 main reasons why you haven't managed to end emotional eating and how you can FIX IT NOW!

Hi! I am Ana Vucetic

I am a psychologist and wellness coach, expert In emotional eating

For the longest of times I have been helping people end emotional eating without restrictions or dieting
It's possible to get to the other side of food freedom!

Susan Angelo, United States of America

“Before I joined the Balanced Program I felt I needed to work on my relationship with food. Too often I satisfied emotional voids with food. By joining the Balanced Program I was able to work through some of these issues and began to look at food as nutrition for my body not to solve emotional issues. Ana has a wonderful program and welcomes all. The program is thoughtfully put together with weekly support to help you through the process. It is also great to meet other people going through the same things and to have an outlet to talk about it together. I highly recommend the Balanced Program to anyone who has been putting off taking care of yourself. Invest in yourself! “

Caroline Bowes, United Kingdom

“Before joining the Balanced programme I hated my body and was so disappointed in myself for failing time and time again at dieting. I hesitated to join because I had become so sceptical about dieting and weight loss programmes.
My mindset has so totally changed with regards to my body. I am now happy with my body and more importantly my relationship with food is so much better as a result of not restricting what I eat. I no longer binge and indulge in emotional eating. The most valuable for me in the programme is the weekly zoom sessions, the one on one sessions with Ana if I need them and also the practical advice in the modules oh and the hypnotherapy sessions. In fact I find every aspect of the programme to be most valuable.

The most important outcome for me so far has been my new positive relationship with food.

I feel I am now in total control as regards to my eating and weight management. This is so empowering I have never felt like this in all my 60 years.

The support was and is amazing any questions I have are answered fully. Any support I need is always there.
The most important outcomes of the programme for me has been my healthy relationship with food and understanding why I had always emotionally eaten. I now have the tools to overcome this. I finally feel that I am in control and that feeling is amazing. 

I would say don’t hesitate it is the most beneficial decision that you can ever make. This programme is truly life changing.

Thank you so much Ana “

Lejon Lehtinen, Sweden

“I joined the balanced program because I was in a place where I was eating my emotions and binging often. I joined because I wanted to change, both my body and mental habits.After being in the program I can say that my mindset has changed, as I now look at my body in a positive way, and I have changed my bad habits. The most valuable part of this program was the support I received and help as well.There are many positive outcomes but the most important outcome for me was the changing habits and loss of some weight. I feel like I accomplished a lot with my habits and binging, and before, I believed that nothing could be fixed. If you are on the fence about whether to join or not, go with it, it is very helpful if you want to quit emotional eating.”

Rebecca Fox, United Kingdom

“This is one often easiest testimonials I’ve written as my life really has been transformed since I started working with Ana and joined her program. 
Since I was a child I’ve had issues with food. This made me have many issues with my body and as a result I’ve spent my whole life on and off diets! 
Initially I never saw it as a problem, for me it was way of life, living on a cycle of diets that kept me anxious and self conscious. At 36 I knew this had to change as it was consuming my entire life and quite frankly I was tired of feeling this way and never being happy with myself. 
Ana’s program was incredible, so easy to understand and follow, and the support she gave along side it made me feel like I ‘could do this’ and 6 months later I have done it! 
My only regret is that I didn’t find Ana earlier in life. But I am definitely grateful to her for helping me heal my relationship with food.” 

Annika Saar, Estonia

“I have been dieting my whole adult life. For me it was already normal and I didn’t know any other way. I was binging and then restricting. I lost weight only with restrictions and I thought when I got to a certain number on the scale I would be happy. I didn’t think there was a solution to that because I have tried every diet, I know what is healthy food and what is not. From the first sessions with Ana, I realized that it wasn’t about food and restrictions, but but getting my head sorted. I started looking food and my body differently. I wasn’t restricting myself and I lost weight, I never thought this could be possible. I also learned a lot about myself and my other problems in life. I’m not stressed anymore around food, I’m not constantly thinking about food-this freedom is something I never thought I could get. Thank you Ana for changing my life!”

Jean Wisemayer, UK

50 years of binging 50 years of ‘dieting’. 50 x 50 diets (restricted eating) 50 years of remaining in a cycle of ‘successful’ weight loss; weight gain and further self sabotage. 50 years of (negatively) judging myself after standing on weighing scales. 50 years of believing that my ‘problem’ was one of not being able to sustain a weight loss. 50 years of indoctrination that my life would be perfect…..if ONLY I could ‘just’ get down to a specific weight. ….come forward to January 2022 when I was introduced to Ana Vucetic’s ‘THE BALANCED PROGRAM’. A programme that focuses on enabling the client to ‘end emotional eating.’ A thoroughly interactive course that has enabled me to start finding ‘PEACE WITH FOOD’. For example… By just listening to my hunger cues I am learning to recognise when my body requires nourishment. I am rarely eating by the clock now. When in social settings, learning to be ‘very present’ with the company I am in….and not fixating on worrying how I’m going to cope with feeling overwhelmed when choosing what to eat from a buffet. My social life has taken on a whole new meaning and I have become much more self confident because of it. Learning to understand the feelings and subsequent emotions that may be a precursor to binging. Letting such emotions happen. Enabling myself to truly experience such emotions. Letting them move along and pass on by. To appreciate that I am ‘safe!’ Ana has been incredible. She has truly opened my eyes and mind to understanding my relationship with food. How living for decades within the diet culture, the restrictive eating patterns that come with dieting just perpetuates feelings of failure and low self esteem. There is so much more to this course but I don’t want to spoil and give away all of the surprises. This is the BEST personal investment I have ever made and having invested, (wasted), with every diet under the sun for the last fifty years this has been a bargain. Thank you Ana!!!”

Theresa Martin, UK

“I have joined the Balanced Program in order to lose weight. What happened besides my 15 kg weight loss was that I never had so much food freedom. I was listening to my body, with Ana’s guidance was working on my triggers and I was more and more in control of my emotions. I made peace with food, I don’t restrict anymore, I stopped binging at night and I feel in control of my emotions. I am grateful for this method that has helped me to feel comfortable around food for the first time in decades”

Balanced by Ana

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